Here Comes the Snow…

Toronto’s been lucky with the first major snowfall hitting in mid-January. We’ve had the pleasure of driving in winter months with spring road conditions, but that means most of may need a few reminders on how to drive in snowy weather.

Many people already know the basics such as having winter tires and ensuring a good level of antifreeze. However, there are a few things that we tend to forget, which could greatly increase the safety of winter driving.

Budgeting extra time

Be it those taking public transit or those driving to work, everyone is taking it slow given the flurries and wind. Though you may believe you can drive just as well in these conditions, others may want to be more cautious and inevitably will drive slower. So to save yourself frustration and explaining why you are late, leave home earlier!

Watch for pedestrians and parked cars

As a result of the road conditions, your view may be affected while driving. Pedestrians may also be less aware of traffic because they are protecting themselves from the wind – so be extra aware on the roads and avoid being involved in a car accident.

Leave ample space

Road conditions can change in a second, so be sure to leave enough space between you and the vehicle ahead to handle sudden stops. Icy roads will also affect your ability to make a full stop and often times a hard brake will not be the best option.

Winter driving will undoubtedly cause frustration, but it’s important to stay calm and alert at all times while driving. We’d love to hear about your commute and how you handle winter driving. Stay safe! Bookmark this site.