Home Safety Tips: How to Protect Your Home When Going on Vacation

A burglar trying to break into a home at night

Who doesn't love going on vacation? Before you enter R&R mode however, it's important you take the necessary steps to protect your home from a break-in or accident while you're away.

Simple ways to protect your home 

The trick is to not draw attention to the fact that you're going away and to create the impression that you're still home. Here are some simple ways you can protect your home and give yourself some peace of mind while you're on your well-deserved holiday.

  • Be careful what you say on social media prior to leaving and while you’re away. While going on vacation is exciting, it's important that you don't announce it on your social channels. You never know who will see your exciting news and decide to target your home.
  • Before you leave take care of the landscaping. This includes mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges, and even raking. An unkempt house is a good indicator of a vacant house.
  • Don't leave your spare keys out. If you hide a key under a mat or in a fake rock, make sure you remove it. Chances are thieves know all the common hiding spots.
  • Pull the plug on your electronic devices and appliances. Unplug your computer, television, microwave, and washer and dryer to protect them from power surges. This will also help you save electricity because devices and appliances, when plugged in but not in use, continue to draw "standby" power.
  • Minimize the amount of perishable food in your refrigerator and freezer in the weeks leading up to your holiday. If either stops working, or if there’s an extended power outage, this will help minimize the food you’ll have to throw out on your return.
  • Secure all valuables. Keep all your valuables out of plain sight. If you have a safe or safety deposit box, now's the time to put your valuables in there. None of your valuables should be visible from any window.
  • Set automatic timers for the lights you use often, this adds to the effect that someone is home. Try and keep the perimeter of your home as well lit as possible at night time as well.
  • If you have a home alarm system, let the company know when you’ll be away and double check that your call list is current.
  • Make sure all windows and doors are locked prior to leaving the house.

Ask someone close to you to check on your home

Having a close friend or family member come check on your house while you’re away comes with benefits. Not only will burglars see that someone is coming and going, but if anything goes wrong in your house they'll be able to reduce any damages that may occur. Ask your house sitter to:

  • Collect your mail while you're gone.
  • Put out and bring back in your garbage or recycling bin on collection day.
  • Mow the lawn and water your plants.
  • Park in your driveway occasionally.
  • Enter your house periodically to ensure everything is in order.

If you’ll be away for several weeks, give your home insurance provider a call. They may have additional precautions you need to take to ensure your policy remains in force. Keep in mind, theft and vandalism is more likely to happen when a house is sitting empty, so the more precautions you take, the better. 

Don't forget your travel insurance

Now that you've taken the steps to protect your home, it's important to protect yourself as well. Before you head out on holiday, get the travel insurance coverage you need at the best available price. Compare travel insurance quotes and policies today at InsuranceHotline.com.