How Old is Too Old to Drive?

There is no specific age when a person is legally required to stop driving. It’s important to understand that getting older doesn’t necessarily turn people into bad drivers. Drivers between the ages of 55 and 70 have the lowest rate of collisions of any group inCanadaas presented at the Aging Driver Mobility Forum inToronto. However, once over the age of 75, the collision rate on average is similar to that of a teenager.

It’s important for drivers of any age to re-evaluate their physical and mental abilities that may affect their driving skills. If you notice a combination of these 11 warning signs, you may want to consult a medical professional:

1.   Drifting into other lanes

2.   Driving on the wrong side of the road

3.   Feeling an increased state of nervousness or fear while driving

4.   Getting lost more often

5.   Slower reaction to unexpected situations

6.   Increased amount of "close calls"

7.   Friends or relatives not wanting to drive with you

8.   Increased signs of frustration from other drivers on the road directed at you

9.   Having a hard time concentrating or becoming easily distracted

10. Difficulty looking over your shoulder when turning or reversing

11. Medical conditions or medications hindering your ability to drive

Ontariois considered to have one of the strictest policies within Canadawhen it comes to drivers 80 years and older. In order to renew your license at the age of 80, the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario requires a vision and knowledge test and participation in a group education session. Failure to pass the tests will result in the license not being renewed.  Regardless of your age, can find you the lowest insurance rate from over 30 insurance companies, and it’s completely free to use.