How to File a Home Insurance Claim – Get Your Life Back to Normal!

Your home is filled with valuable items and memories. If something happens to damage your home and its contents, it can be quite devastating; but, that’s why we have insurance — to protect us from damage to our property.

To get your life back to normal and resolve property damages, you will need to file a home insurance claim with your insurance provider. There are few important things to note when filing a claim.

Before calling your insurance provider

  • Take required steps to prevent any further property damages
  • Have your homeowners insurance policy number handy
  • Keep track of all your expenses incurred for damages.
  • Make detailed notes of the incident and included the extent of damages

Steps to control water damage

  • Turn off the electricity in the impacted area
  • Shut off the main water supply
  • Check the gas inlet for fumes and if there is any odour, leave and call 9-1-1 immediately
  • Move all items away from flooded areas of your home

Keep track of damaged items

  • Separate the damaged items from the non-damaged items in your home
  • Create an inventory of the damaged items
  • Take pictures of all items that are damaged
  • Provide the inventory to your adjuster when you report the claim

When calling your insurance provider

  • Provide all details about the property damage and include the inventory of damaged items and any pictures taken
  • Ask questions about your coverage and what is covered
  • Make note of all details, including the claims adjuster’s contact information and any specialists that will be repairing your home

Your claims adjuster will work with you to process the home insurance claim and walk you through all of the details of the claim. The adjuster will guide you through your loss and put you in touch with specialists that will help repair your home and prevent any additional damage.

You should now be prepared to file a home insurance claim. The important thing to remember is stay calm, as your insurance provider will help you through this difficult time. Be sure to follow all of the above-mentioned steps to ensure your claim is processed smoothly.

Unexpected events can happen at any time, so if you don’t have home insurance or if you would like to make sure you’re paying the best possible rate, it’s a good idea to shop for home insurance rates.