Important Tips From to Protect Your Vehicle From Thieves

PRESS RELEASE: June 12, 2012 - Vehicle theft is an ongoing problem that continues to occur. According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, a car is stolen every three and a half minutes in Canada – that’s approximately 420 cars per day. While not every car theft can be prevented, there are ways to make a vehicle a more difficult target for thieves. has helpful and simple tips for making theft less likely and preventing the nightmare of a missing car.

Thieves take cars for a variety of reasons. Whether it is simply a joyride or the intention is to strip the car for parts, cars disappear all the time. advises that no matter what the reason, taking some steps to prevent car theft can save car owners from the hassle of dealing with a theft, and the insurance rate increases that happen across the board when theft is on the rise.

Anti-theft Devices Slow Down Thieves

There are an incredible variety of anti-theft devices available today, some of which come with the car and others that can be bought from after-market sellers. Some of the options include:

• Immobilizer devices that keep the car from starting

• Steering wheel locks, such as "the club"

• Car alarms

• Lo-Jack tracking systems

While the last of these on the list isn’t actually a preventative measure, sometimes even a sticker on the window saying the car is equipped with the system can be a deterrent to thieves. Many cars today come with immobilizer systems, and these systems can even earn a discount on car insurance. "Any one of these items can give a potential car thief second thoughts," says Tammy Ezer of, "they are likely to pass up the car for an easier target."

Don’t Tempt a Thief

Car thieves like to work where they are unlikely to be seen. When parking in a public lot, choose a parking spot that is well-lit, and take a look around for security cameras. Parking near one may change a thief’s mind since the act will be caught on camera.

At home, park in the garage if possible. If not, choose the driveway over the street, and install motion lights that will come on if anyone approaches the car. The last thing a thief wants is to have their presence given away.

Make sure your car is always locked, and don’t leave anything valuable in it. A thief may decide a car is worth stealing if there’s a pile of shopping bags visible inside it, or expensive equipment. Some may break in just to take the items and damage the car in the process (for example, breaking a window). Or the car may even be stolen.

Know the Risk Level

Certain cars are stolen more frequently than others. When car shopping, be sure to check on the current list of most-stolen vehicles. Although it may not be a deciding factor in a car purchase, it’s something important to be aware of as it will increase the risk and may increase insurance rates as well.

If the car is a high risk, take extra precautions to keep is safe from thieves. The investment in an anti-theft device is well worth the cost.