Insuring Your Motorcycle for Out-of-Province or Country

After getting your online motorcycle insurance quote, and get the best rate, you'll receive a Canadian Inter-Province Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Card - your "pink card". This is proof that you have the required motorcycle insurance coverage. You should carry this with you at all times. You must produce it:

- if a police officer requests it

- when you first register your motorcycle

- each year when you renew your license plate sticker

Your motorcycle insurance is valid anywhere in Canada and the United States. But, if you decide to drive into Mexico, your policy won't cover you or your motorcycle. You must arrange for insurance coverage separately when, and where, you enter the country.

At this time, online motorcycle insurance quotes are available to residents everywhere in Ontario. Residents across Canada, like in Toronto, London, Hamilton, Edmonton and Calgary have used the motorcycle quote service from and found it helpful when it came to comparing rates for their motorcycle insurance needs.