Consumers Facing Insurance Rate Road Kill

Feeling run down by the cost of your car insurance? Opening up your car insurance renewal can feel like a "hit and run" but there's a way to stop the bleeding.

Jason, a consumer who emailed last week, said he felt the impact of high rates because of one day of bad driving and a "ticket fanatical" cop. The next thing he knew, he was dead meat with his insurance renewal. He went crashing into the high risk market. His record will take time to heal, but his bank account was hemorrhaging. He needed a second opinion on his insurance rate. offered a much better prognosis. He was directed to the 3 insurance companies with the best rates according to his, some what damaged driving profile. When it comes to getting a good insurance rate, sometimes you're the "windshield" and sometimes you're the "bug." Be The Windshield Good drivers desire the best rates.

Many good drivers are blindsided by their rates increasing every year, for no reason. In fact, some good drivers are paying more for their insurance than drivers with tickets or an accident. It's easy to do if you don't do a rate search. Look at this chart showing the spread of 30 rates. You could be a "good" driver paying over $2,000 or a "bad" driver paying under $2,000. Insurance rates are dropping. Even if your rate went down, it's likely another company would have an even lower rate.

The only way you can be sure is to do a quick rate search on