Insurance Rates Have Come Down...For Drivers Already Paying Nothing!

TORONTO -- 7,896 tickets issued, as reported last week by the police on their crackdown for driver's producing licensing, ownership and insurance documents. 1,658 drivers could not provide evidence of insurance, 233 admitted to driving without insurance and 18 falsified insurance documentation. Direct insurance violations contributed to 24% of the crackdown. 1,317 people could not produce a licence. No licence, no insurance. By November 2003, 222,773 drivers, up from 62,000, were put in to the high-risk Facility insurance company. Then Facility increased their rates by 53%, forcing thousands of drivers out, only to find even higher rates with other insurers. For example a 30 year-old with 1 accident in 2004 lands himself a Facility rate of $7,006. High-Risk Insurer rates, ranged between, $5,884 to $8,903. Driving without insurance is only a $5,000 fine, if caught. What a deal! Drivers must move back to regular insurance markets at reasonable rates. The rate for this driver would then be only $2,905. helps drivers find lower rates.