Launches Driving Pet Peeves Infographic

PRESS RELEASE: October 11, 2012 - launches a fun and engaging infographic that outlines the top 3 driving pet peeves in Canada as well the bad driving habits that Canadians admit to doing. has released a new infographic, containing information according to a National driving pet peeves survey. The infographic allows people to see the top 3 driving pet peeves in Canada, as well as by Province. It also outlines the top bad driving habits that Canadians admit to doing while behind the wheel.

Some interesting observations from the infographic include:

  • The top pet peeve is texting while driving; and only 11% of drivers admitted to this bad habit.
  • Canadian drivers are pretty aggressive, with 56% of drivers admitting to speeding over 10 km/hour and 29% of drivers entering an intersection on a yellow or red light.
  • 25% of women claim they have not done any of the bad driving behaviours identified in the survey during the past three months; Only 14% of men claimed to be innocent of all dozen bad habits in the survey.

As seen in the infographic, other dangerous driving practices such as speeding or entering an intersection on a yellow/red traffic light, are commonplace amongst Canadian drivers and correspondingly these bad habits don’t seem to annoy drivers, as they’re not among the top pet peeves.

"It’s interesting to note that almost 50% of Canadians admitted to eating or drinking while driving and most people were not bothered by this behaviour in other drivers" says Tammy Ezer of "Drivers should keep in mind that eating or drinking while driving is still a distraction that could lead to an accident."

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