Launches Insurance Myth of the Week Program

PRESS RELEASE: January 19, 2012 - has launched a new website which examines insurance myths. The site has both videos and copy aimed at educating consumers about common misconceptions regarding insurance.

There are so many fallacies about insurance that pervade the market. In an attempt to dispel these myths and educate consumers, has launched a myth of the week program. Each week, a new myth will be featured and exposed on, covering many types of insurance including auto insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, life insurance and motorcycle insurance. was developed to shed light on some of the most common myths because informing consumers to help them save on insurance is our primary objective. Myth-related content tends to perform well and there are a surprising number of insurance myths out there so we decided to launch a program exclusively focused on this type of content.

The videos begin with ‘man-on-the-street’ interviews to establish consumer perceptions regarding the myth in question. They proceed to reveal the truth behind the myth as viewers discover the accuracy, or lack thereof, of consumer opinions by learning something specific about the topic being investigated.

For the month of January, the following myths have been/will be investigated and revealed.

    • Weather-Related Car Accidents – This topic is very relevant, as the winter weather is here. Find out if drivers can blame car accidents on snowy weather or icy road conditions.
  • Home Insurance Coverage – Does home insurance cover ‘acts of God’ such as tornadoes and hail storms? It’s important to know what a home insurance policy actually covers.

Knowing the true facts behind insurance is very important; as any false insurance information can cost people money. Everyone needs to stay informed about insurance and understand what is covered on an insurance policy. Stay updated on the latest insurance news with