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PRESS RELEASE: July 12, 2011 - Along with the warm weather, summertime also brings an increase in travel plans. From May-24 to Labour Day, weekends begin with cottage-country traffic jams and the majority of Canadians use some, if not all, of their available vacation time to travel when the weather is warm. This tends to coincide with an increase in the incidence of home burglaries. One insurance company recently released statistics stating that their rates of home insurance claims for home theft increased by 13, 20, and 31% during the months of June, July and August respectively from April.

Returning to a ransacked home to find prized possessions stolen leaves consumers feeling violated, quickly reverses any relaxation achieved from a vacation, and creates a hassle for insurance claims and replacing lost items. wants to educate consumers about how to decrease the chances of falling victim to home robbery.

"There are lots of ways to make your home less of a target for thieves; but, in the midst of vacation planning some of this common sense gets overlooked. At, we actively try to educate consumers on how to save on insurance and avoiding claims due to theft is one sure way to keep home insurance rates from rising," states Tammy Ezer, Director of Marketing.

Most people cancel the paper, have someone pick up the mail, and use timed lights to minimize the appearance of a house left unattended; however, extended stays also need additional planning such as:

•    Making arrangements for lawn maintenance and other household tasks that will make your home seem lived-in even while you are out of town

•    Limiting the number of people that you notify of your vacation plans

•    Packing your car at night so that passers-by don’t see you loading up for a long trip

•    Hiding your car keys, if you leave the car at home, so that burglars don’t create an auto insurance claim in addition to one for household possessions

There are also a whole host of new considerations that have come about with the advent of social media:

•    It’s not a good idea to publicly check-in to location-based services that are far from your home

•    It’s important to be mindful of posting vacation plans on social media sites like Facebook where your extended list of friends may have a few questionable characters

In addition to the things that vacationers can do to prepare, it is also advisable for consumers in-town to keep an eye out and report any suspicious activity. When insurance claims increase in a particular neighbourhood the rates paid by those who were not the victim of home burglary can also increase because of the statistical impact on insurance company claims profiles for a particular postal area. It’s in everyone’s best interest to stay alert and look after their neighbours.

If you come home to find yourself victim of a robbery here are a few tips to keep in mind:

•    Call the police immediately and do not touch anything until they arrive

•    Create a detailed list of items taken and their estimated replacement value

•    Once you have the police report and list of stolen items, contact your insurance company

It’s always a good idea to make sure that your home insurance policy is up to date and will cover your potential losses. For a free home insurance quote visit

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