Helps Consumers Make the Most of Summer

PRESS RELEASE: July 5, 2011 - wants consumers to be aware of insurance issues related to the summer months. Home, auto, travel and even boat insurance are all affected by elements of the summer season.  More families are on the road driving to vacation destinations, boating season is in full swing, and global travel is abundant which is why the company is helping educate consumers about their insurance options, price comparisons and what they need to be aware of when it comes combating the summer elements through insurance protection.

Most consumers are unaware if their home insurance will cover floods or wind damage while they are away on vacation.  They need to check with their current provider to determine what their policy covers and make sure they are properly protected.  Other summer revelers don’t know what safety essentials to pack on long road trips, such as an equipped first aid kit, jumper cables, a blanket, non-perishable food, and a flashlight. Since consumer education is a top priority for— second only to saving people money — the company is continually offering information on relevant insurance topics to educate visitors to its website.

"Most people don’t realize the various hazards associated with the summer months pertaining to insurance." said Tammy Ezer of "As an example, the repercussions of impaired boating are severe and carry the same penalties as an automobile impaired driving charge. Driving a boat impaired means a suspended drivers and boat license. Our company wants to educate consumers on issues, such as impaired boating, so they realize not only how it effects their insurance policies, but  the impact these activities can have regarding every aspect of their life."

Another great summer tip, offered by, is for those people who will rent a vehicle this summer. Usually, the rental car business offers insurance for damage to a rental vehicle at a much higher rate than if the consumer called their insurance provider directly. Consumers who take this extra step will sometimes discover their own car insurance policy already has a clause which covers damage to a rental vehicle, saving the consumer time and money.

As a result of’s consumer education ambition, visitors who use the website to find home, car, and even travel insurance quotes will also come across informative articles and money saving tips. The free website is posting articles on hot summer topics, such as how consumers can better prepare their homes to ward off potential burglaries during the summer months, as a service to alert, inform and help consumers make educated decisions about their insurance needs.

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