Is Sewer Back Up Covered Under Your Homeowner's Policy?

Spring is just around the corner, and with spring comes rain and rapidly melting snow. These events can cause a back up of wastewater in the sewer system, which may find its way into your home, leaving your basement damaged and your possessions ruined.

What you may not know is that most homeowner's policies do not protect you in the event of damage caused by sewer back up, unless you have purchased an additional coverage or "endorsement". This coverage is known as "Sewer Back Up Coverage" or "Water Damage Extension".

Even with this coverage, you still may not be fully protected. These endorsements are not all created equal. The limits of coverage and the premium you pay for it varies from insurance company to insurance company. Just because one company charges $100 for the coverage doesn't mean that there is more protection than the company which charges $50. Some companies limit the amount of coverage from a sewer back up to $5,000, while others may cover you for $50,000 or more.

And not all homes are the same. Some homes have no finished basement, while other homes have finished basements with entertainment centers and furniture, which can be very costly to replace. You have to determine how much coverage you need in the event of a sewer back up. Review your policy and discuss the coverage and your needs with your insurance professional.

Making sure that you have adequate coverage is step one. Making sure you don't pay too much for it is step two. Comparison sites like can help. In just minutes you can find the lowest home insurance quotes available. It's fast, safe and completely free to use.