Keeping Auto Insurance in Burlington Affordable this Winter

Drivers in Burlington, Ontario know that over the next few months they will face many challenges as the cold and wet weather sets in for the winter. Road conditions will change as the snow flies in and around Burlington and the danger of a collision will likely increase too. Luckily, drivers can prepare themselves for the cold weather and ensure their auto insurance in Burlington remains as low as possible.

Insuring a vehicle in Burlington can be a costly experience. Burlington drivers who shopped their rate at have previously indicated they pay on average $1,749 for their coverage. This is significantly above the provincial average for auto insurance that has been reported as being $1,458. Prohibitive insurance costs mean motorists can hardly afford to have collisions during the winter, as doing so will likely ramp up premiums even further. That said, with or without a collision on your driving record, it is possible to find cheap auto insurance in Burlington this winter that will take the chill off what Burlington drivers pay for coverage.

Burlington is an easy place to get to or navigate from at any time of the year. Serviced by Highway 403, the QEW and Highway 407, the city is both a commuter’s dream and nightmare. On the one hand, the city acts as an excellent link between the province’s largest city, Toronto, as well as nearby Hamilton. Burlington is a notable commuter town because of this fantastic access, with almost 65 per cent of drivers in the city commuting at least 15,000 kms each year.

With the good, however, comes the bad because wherever you find a busy network of highways with many commuters you’re also likely going to find stretches of roads where accidents and tickets are common. Thanks to the amount of traffic that passes through and around the city, Burlington drivers know this to be true.

Tackling winter driving

During the cold season, Burlington’s already challenging driving conditions become arguably worse. Even major highways are threatened by ice and snow, which significantly increases stopping distances and makes handling a vehicle a challenge at any speed. Smaller roads can become snowed under while blizzards can often result in whiteout driving conditions.

Staying home is often not an option for the thousands of people in Burlington who commute along the highways. Instead, these motorists can prepare for the inclement weather by following these basic steps:

  • Drive safely: Obeying legal road rules is a good way to stay safe this winter. Driving tips for the cold season include accelerating and decelerating slowly, doubling the normal stopping distance, and driving more slowly than usual.
  • Install winter tires: While it is not mandatory to install winter tires in Ontario, the benefits of specialized rubber make them a wise investment in road safety. Winter tires increase traction and vehicle stability. Coupled with safe driving practices, they can lessen the likelihood of collisions during poor weather. Insurance companies in Ontario are government mandated to offer customers a discount on their premiums when they install winter tires. With almost 80 per cent of drivers in Burlington (78.9%) saying they install winter tires, motorists are embracing the idea. Don’t be in the minority and think about installing tires designed specifically for the season.
  • Prepare a winter driving kit: Being properly prepared before heading out on the road can make all the difference. Getting caught in a whiteout during an Ontario winter can be harrowing unless you know what to expect. A winter driving kit can ensure you are prepared for most eventualities.

Affordable car insurance in Burlington

A great way to prepare for winter is to make sure you are getting the best deal on your auto insurance. It is worth remembering that the most important thing to look for is the most affordable policy that meets all of your needs. Sifting through all the car insurance products available in Ontario is a chore, which is why using an online quote engine like to find cheap auto insurance in Burlington is an excellent choice.

As with shopping for all car insurance quotes in Ontario, searching online can help you find the best deal. As the dynamic of driving changes through the winter, refining an online search to include discounts for winter tires is a good way to make sure you receive more coverage for your money.