Lower Your Rate and Save

It's amazing how taking one little step — like comparing your current car insurance rate against the rates from over 30 top Canadian insurance companies by doing just one quote at InsuranceHotline.com— can lead to saving hundreds, even thousands, of dollars annually. This free, quick and easy step can turn into great car-cost savings.

For example, by keeping your car for one more year (read our story Make your car last through 2009 below) and getting a lower rate, saving just $50 a month (or $600 annually), equates to getting the following items in exchange for free:

1) One oil and filter change for every month in '09 for your car ($50 per service). Remember, standard car maintenance saves you in the long run.

2) New high-end window wipers for the next 10 years ($60 each). You'll be seeing clearly through Canadian weather for a decade!

3) Four brand-new all-season, high-end car tires, plus installation ($120 per tire; $100 per instalment). No more slipping when coming to a stop in rain or snow.

4) Brand-new brake pads, including brake-fluid flush, adjustment and repair, and complete inspection (average $600 cost). Brakes are always the most annoying to pay for — but not this year.

5) Six full-service deluxe interior/exterior car cleaning and wax jobs from a professional auto shop ($100 per job). Nothing's more satisfying than driving a just-like-new clean car.

6) A high-end GPS automotive navigation unit plus a mid-range CD/stereo unit ($300 for each item). These two great gadgets can help make your commute much more easy and enjoyable — plus you'll save gas by taking the fastest route and not getting lost!

7) Complete annual car inspection, maintenance and tuning, including brake inspection, tire rebalancing, all-fluid change, transmission check, alignment check, air-conditioning check and oil and filter change. Your car will get its full physical, and you'll still have money left over (approximately $550)!

What are you waiting for? Start by simply getting that quote and see how many of these free items you can enjoy in '09.