Make Your Summer BBQs and Pool Parties Worry-Free

The season of sunny weekends is in full swing. If you like to have people over for summer barbecues or parties then you're going to want to take a couple extra steps to ensure you and your guests are protected—especially if you are also the owner of a pool.

When you purchase a home with a pool, or install a pool down the line, your home insurance company should be notified. They can extend your liability coverage to include your pool.  Pools not only increase the replacement value of your home, but they increase the potential of you having to file a liability claim. For homeowners, this might mean increased premiums.

Regardless, you should consider increasing your home insurance’s liability limit to provide you with additional coverage in the event something should happen to a guest while they're using your pool or are on your property. This will protect you from the financial implications of a related lawsuit if someone is injured, as long as you have properly maintained your pool as outlined in your insurance policy.

Pool Safety Tips:

There are a few simple steps you can take to ensure your pool is a safe place for you and your guests to enjoy.

  • Keep the fence surrounding your pool locked, especially when it is not in use
  • Establish pool rules and ask guests to follow them as a condition of using the pool
  • Implement a buddy system so that there's always more than one person in the pool
  • Make sure your pool deck is clean at all times—pick up any toys or debris laying on the deck
  • Do not allow guests to consume alcohol in or around the pool. This increases the chances of someone getting injured
  • Always have a responsible adult watching children who are swimming in the pool

BBQ And Party Hosting Tips:

As with pools, drinking also increases the likelihood of someone getting injured on your property. When you are serving alcohol at a party or barbecue, practice responsible hosting.

  • Always serve food with alcohol, even if it's just snacks
  • Monitor guest consumption or consider serving guests yourself to prevent anyone from becoming intoxicated
  • Make sure your guests have a safe way home
  • Establish designated drivers and refrain from serving them alcohol
  • Provide non-alcoholic drink options
  • Don't serve alcohol to minors
  • Stop serving alcohol an hour before the party ends

If your pool party or barbecue is part of special event such as a wedding reception or bridal shower, you may be required to get a Special Occasions Permit in order to serve alcohol. Each province has its own specifications for permits, so be sure to check with your province's alcohol and gaming commission to determine if you need one and how to obtain one if you do.

Make Your Party A Splash

Pool parties and barbecues are a great way to spend the summer especially when you have taken precautions to ensure you and your guests will have a safe experience. If you're concerned with or have questions about your insurance policy, talk to your provider before the party to ensure you have adequate liability coverage. This way you can be confident you have a policy that protects you and your guests, so you can ride the pool party wave worry-free all summer.