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I was involved in an accident and the police officer didn't charge me with anything. This means that my insurance company will not increase my rates because of the claim, right?

With bills to pay and the state of the economy keeping you up at night, you've probably been trying to think of ways to cut down on your monthly costs. You may even be contemplating terminating your auto insurance policy, wondering what will happen if you don't have insurance.

Should I buy life insurance on my mortgage or a life insurance policy? The first step is to contact a licensed insurance broker and compare rates from different insurance companies. He or she can help you choose the right option, but know there's a difference between the two.

How prepared are you to get behind the wheel this winter? Check out these nine tips on playing it safe and smart on the road this season.

Introduction Welcome to the September 2008 edition of the InsuranceHotline.com Insider newsletter. In this issue, we've compiled 9 tips to save you money on your car insurance, explain exactly what factors determine your rate, and clarify the consequences of lying on your application, many of which could...

Over the next few weeks most college and university bound students will be packing up personal belongings and getting ready for the move away from home to enjoy the much anticipated "campus life". But before packing away laptops, televisions and iPods, students would be wise to have parents review their insurance policy to ensure valuable personal items are sufficiently covered in case of accidental loss or damage while away at school.