Planes, Trains and Automobiles

We all know that we need tickets for planes and trains, but do we need them for automobiles? The answer is "No!" It's true, we don't need tickets for our cars, but how many of us can say that we've never received one? Not many.

The subject that I am getting at is your Automobile Insurance renewal that just went up because you have two tickets on your record and it is affecting your new rate.

Between the kitchen table and the telephone is a distance of about five feet. It should take you no more than three seconds to walk over, pick up the phone, and call around for an automobile quote. Now comes the good part. You make the calls and you are put on hold, forced to listen to elevator music, voicemail, or a receptionist telling you that someone will call you back.

The web is where I got the wheels in motion. While online, I was able to create my profile by entering basic information. In less than five minutes, I obtained three very competitive automobile insurance quotes and I was on my way to huge savings.

My renewal went from $2480 to $1830 and I did not increase my deductible or remove any coverage. I was also able to find a company that did not take away discounts for having two tickets. Now I have accomplished not one, but two very important feats, I have shopped 30 companies in five minutes and I just made $650.00 for less than five minutes work.