Preparing Your Home for Your Vacation

When planning a vacation, most people search for the cheapest airline ticket and

for a hotel with the best reviews, but the majority of vacation planners fail to

take the necessary precautions to secure their home. Thieves prey on homes that

appear unoccupied for extended periods of time

Consider a few common sense approaches to protect your home and belongings before heading off on your next vacation:

Security Tips

  • Announce your vacation plans to a small group of friends and family.
  • Make sure every outside door has an installed dead-bolt lock. Regular key-locks are not enough.
  • Ensure all windows are secured and locked.

Giving your home a "lived-in" appearance while away will reduce the chance of a break-in:

Make your home appear "Lived-In"

  • Give a spare key to a trusted neighbor or family member and arrange for them to visit your home periodically while you are away, picking up any mail or delivered newspapers.
  • If possible, have someone "house-sit" for you.
  • If you normally park your car in the driveway, make sure and leave your vehicle there.
  • Arrange for someone to cut your lawn and/or rake the leaves.
  • Put your inside and outside lights on a timer.
  • Leave your blinds like you normally would if you were home.
  • Turn on your home alarm.
  • Lock the garage and any storage sheds.
  • Do not announce on your voice mail message that you will be away for an extended period of time.

Applying these precautionary steps can reduce the chance of your home being vandalized by a burglar. They can also save money on your home insurance, since most home insurance companies apply discounts if you have never submitted a burglary claim on your insurance policy. Go to to complete a quote and find out which insurance company has the lowest rate for your home within minutes.