Profile of a Killer Insurance Rate

A killer insurance rate has a certain profile. Various factors determine your car insurance rate including your age, gender, where you live, and especially how you drive.

The importance of paying attention while driving cannot be stressed enough. Safe driving and defensive driving techniques are critical when you're behind the wheel. A person hit by someone driving 50 km/h is twice as likely to be killed as a person hit at 40km/h. All drivers should be careful of these three killers in particular:

1) Lack of attention: Chatting on your cell phone or talking with passengers can cause you to weave in and out of your lane.

2) Aggressive driving: Speeding up to make a yellow light or tailgating can easily cause a crash.

3) Drowsiness: Over 60% of crashes are fatigue related. If you're tired, roll down the window. If you risk falling asleep, don't drive. Pull into a safe parking zone and get some sleep.

Anyone of these can cause an accident and leave you with an insurance rate that can "kill" you. If you're between the ages of 16 and 24, you have a further disadvantage. The insurance rate for a newly licensed driver with limited driving experience can be thousands of dollars higher than the rate for an experienced driver.

Parents should place their children on their policy and sign them up to a driver training course the moment they become licensed. The driver training course can decrease the cost of your insurance for 3 consecutive years.

Your first defense against a "killer" insurance rate is to find out which company has the lowest insurance rate. Internet rating guides can help you do just that, instantly and for free, by comparing over 30 insurance company rates and directing you to the company that has the lowest rate for your particular driving profile.

Be the hunter, not the hunted when it comes to your insurance rate.