Protecting Your Assets - Letter From The Editor: April 2014


April at will be all about "protecting your assets". With the spring thaw finally here, we can expect a lot of water on the ground from melting snow and spring rains, putting homeowners at risk for flooded basements. Lessen your risk of basement flooding; shovel any melting snow away from the foundation of your house, and clear catch basins of debris to allow the melting snow and spring showers to easily flow away from your home.

Your home and your car are two of the most expensive purchases you can make. Your April newsletter will provide you with tips to help protect those assets.

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Articles on how to Protect Your Assets this month include:

  • Car Insurance - How much is enough & understanding your options
  • Demerit points and your insurance - Why does a traffic ticket affect my insurance if there weren’t any demerit point?
  • Preparing for some of life’s nasty little surprises that can put a serious dent in your wallet
  • Top ways you can make your car last a bit longer

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