Safety Tips for Backyard Fun From

PRESS RELEASE: August 10, 2012 - Summer brings plenty of opportunities for fun and recreation in the backyard; to enjoy all of those summer activities safely, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. Make every barbeque, swim, and patio gathering safer for everyone by following a few important safety tips from, and enjoy summer to the fullest.

The backyard can be an oasis and a lot of fun for both children and adults. Enjoying the sunshine and summer evenings can be made a lot safer with just a few simple tips and attention to details. has a few reminders to keep everyone safe and to avoid an insurance claim this summer.

Pool and Water Safety

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a deep in-ground pool or a shallow wading pool for small children – water in the backyard presents a hazard. It’s important to always supervise children when they are playing near water no matter what the depth or type of water. Young children can drown in as little as a few inches of water, so don’t leave them unattended in the backyard when any sort of water is present. Never leave kids swimming without supervision.

Even playing in a sprinkler should be supervised, as it can result in slippery surfaces, especially on a wood deck. Be sure everyone is cautious, especially kids who are running around and having a good time. Dry wet areas that become slippery, and consider adding some sort of non-slip surface to provide grip on stairs.

Safe Backyard Barbeques

Grilling and enjoying a meal in the backyard are simple pleasures of summer, but they also come with a few risks. Remember that both gas and charcoal grills need to be used carefully and safely. Before lighting a propane grill, check all the hoses and make sure everything is secure and fitted properly. Turn the propane off after use at the tank, not just by turning off the grill. This will help prevent dangerous leaks.

Be cautious when lighting charcoal; don’t use any flammable liquids that are not meant for barbeque use, such as gasoline. These can cause large flare-ups and could cause other things such as trees or even your home to catch fire. "Always light a grill according to the safety instructions from the manufacturer and watch it carefully once it is lit to avoid the risk of a fire." reminds Tammy Ezer of

Keep an eye on kids who are playing near the location where grills are lit, and remind them that the grill is hot and should be avoided to prevent serious burns.

Night Lights for Safety

Sitting out after dark watching the stars come out is a great way to spend a summer evening. Make sure the backyard is safe for use after dark by installing patio or deck lights that will prevent the danger of tripping in the dark. Solar lights are a simple and affordable option. Light paths including sidewalks as well as stairs, and any other place where someone could trip and fall.

The use of items like tiki torches can add a nice ambience, but be certain to use them cautiously and always according to the directions. Place them where they are unlikely to be knocked over. This will prevent the danger of a fire from burning torches.

These simple safety tips will ensure that summer in the backyard is both fun and safe for everyone.