School's out and the Kids Are Home for the Summer

With a bag full of laundry, many university and college students have returned home for the summer. With their return, comes a few housekeeping items (other than laundry) that need to be revisited.

Tenant insurance for Students

If your child lived off campus and tenant insurance was purchased, it might be worth looking to see if the tenant insurance is still needed. If their lease is up, they’ve moved out and brought all their stuff home, it’s worth a call. Most policies are set up for one year, and even though there may be a cancellation fee, paying premiums for coverage that’s no longer needed doesn’t make money sense.

Travel insurance

If your child’s plans this summer include backpacking through Europe with friends or perhaps a road trip a little more local, make sure they pack travel insurance—no matter how tight their budget. No one ever plans on getting ill or injured while travelling but being prepared is more than just a Boy Scouts motto; travel insurance should never be skipped in order to save money.

Student credit cards

After completing a successful year away at school, it may be time to revisit a credit card for your child. There are many credit cards available that are designed specifically with the student in mind. Our partner, features many student credit cards often with no annual fees.

Auto insurance for students

If your student isn’t already listed on your auto insurance policy, then you’ll need to add them. Even though your child is away at university for most of the year, they are still considered a member of your household, as your home is their permanent residence. Check with your insurance professional for more information. There may be discounts too; most insurance companies offer a discount for students who are away at school for most or parts of the year.

  • A report card to boast about

If your young driver has been hitting the books and they’ve got some good grades to show for it, make sure you brag to your auto insurer. Some insurance companies offer what’s known as a good student discount.

Is it time to put your auto insurer to the test?

Is your current auto insurer failing to make the grade when it comes to the auto insurance rates you pay? Put them to the test. Compare car insurance quotes today to see if you could be paying less for the coverage you need.