Six of Canada’s Favourite Island Destinations to Escape the Cold

Now that the cold and snow is a reality across the country, are you planning your mid-winter warm up on an island somewhere? Hands down, the island most popular with Canadians is Cuba, according to However, if you want to look beyond Cuba to get away from winter’s chill this year, we turned to the experts—travellers who compared travel insurance quotes—to see which other Caribbean islands are popular with Canadians in search of the sun’s warmth.

1. Cuba

A favourite of Canadian travellers, Cuba is well-known for its cigars, rum, beaches and of course, music. It’s also rich in culture and history and is home to nine UNESCO World Heritage sites, more than any other Caribbean island.

2. Dominican Republic

Surrounded by more than 1,500 kilometres of coastline, the Dominican Republic boasts more than 400 kilometres of pristine beaches. It’s also a great destination for golfers as it is home to 25 designer golf courses, including Teeth of the Dog and Punta Espada. These two golf courses consistently rank as being in the top 100 golf courses in the world.

3. Jamaica

Jamaica is an island that comes with its own sound and flavour. Listed as the #1 destination in the Caribbean by Trip Advisor’s 2018 Travellers’ Choice Awards and having the 8th best beach in the world (Seven Mile Beach in Negril), Jamaica is popular with Canadian travellers in search of a holiday with a vibe that’s unlike anywhere else.

4. The Bahamas

As the saying goes, it’s better in the Bahamas. The islands that make up the Bahamas, boast having the clearest water on the planet and with 16 main islands to choose from, no matter what you’re into—whether it’s golf, soaking in the sun on the beach, fishing, ecotourism, or nightlife—there’s an island waiting for you.

5. Barbados

If it’s warm weather you’re seeking, then you may not return from Barbados until summer. On average each year, the daily high temperature is 30 degrees Celsius and the ocean temperatures in the area are enticingly warm (around 26-29 degrees Celsius) all year round.

6. Aruba

Located off the coast of Venezuela, the average daytime temperature varies between 26 and 32 degrees Celsius, perfect for strolling Eagle Beach, one of Aruba’s most famous beaches that features miles of white powder sand and a gentle surf. Just remember to bring your sunblock and a hat.

Where in the Caribbean will you go to for a break from winter?

Wherever your search for an island paradise takes you, make sure you pack travel insurance, alongside your passport. The Government of Canada is pretty upfront and blunt in the way it explains why you need travel insurance when leaving the country:

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