Stay Safe in Construction Zones!

As the warmer months approach, cities are transformed by the vibrant colours of blooming flowers, and construction crews repairing the roads. Here are a few tips that will help you stay calm and safe during this time:

Slow Down

Did you know that fines double when construction workers are present? Failing to obey the signs can result in fines that may increase your insurance rates or cause serious accidents.

Be Prepared

Always be aware when driving through construction zones and be prepared to obey the posted signs, change lanes as needed, and follow the instructions of the flaggers.

Be Alert Outside of the Construction Zone

Even if you pass the construction zone, avoid the temptation to speed up to make up for lost time. Law enforcement will be on full alert and ready to issue tickets for these violations.

Although construction is unavoidable during the summer months, frustration and hefty fines are. Save yourself the aggravation, and possibly higher insurance rates. Learn more about driving through construction zones here.