Stop Overpaying For Car Insurance

I was wondering when the financial community would start including as part of their portfolio for saving their clients money, instantly. 

I received an e-mail from Edward who said, "Just wanted to let you know that a client of mine called to explain how upset he was over a renewal premium on an auto insurance policy. He had been in an accident and is in his late 60's. After the claims settlement, his insurance company quoted him and his wife an annual premium of about $5,200. I suggested that he pursue some quotes so I walked him through your web site. He has just confirmed to me over the weekend that he was approved for $2,200! As a financial advisor, I couldn't have added more value in this area of insurance. Congratulations on a great service".

Actually, that person could have paid up to, or over, $7,000! What ever your driving record is, especially if you have a good record, you don't need a financial advisor to tell you that if you don't do this free car, home or life insurance rate comparison, you are probably going to get jammed with paying out way more money then you need to. A lot of insurance companies are canceling their brokers, making it harder for you to find good rates out there. does the search for you and saves you both time and money!

It's a free rate comparison that instantly tells you the three lowest rates, company names and phone numbers of the brokers to call. You can access the service through the Internet at

The service will also find the lowest home insurance for you. This is exactly like the car insurance rate comparison telling which companies provide the lowest rates. It's free and takes only a couple of minutes.

I ran a rate comparison for a home in Toronto for a replacement cost of $250,000, and the lowest rate came to $556! Then I ran a rate comparison for a 2002 Toyota RAV4, costing $23,000, and the lowest rate came to $1,414. So why does it cost $858 less to insure a house that costs $227,000 more then a car?

Thank God it's that way, or you house insurance would cost $14,140! So if you haven't run your insurance rates for your car or home yet, you may find yourself making a considerable profit by doing so.

The rate difference between car insurance companies, on average, is $1,000. In the case of the Toyota RAV4 the highest company quoted $2,949. A rate difference of $1,535!!! For two or more drivers or cars the rate difference can easily be thousands of dollars saving for you with one quick little rate comparison. Add a home insurance comparison to the mix and you could be saving enough money to buy a hot tub for your back yard this summer.

Ever thought about life insurance? Well you can also do a quick rate comparison with out having a life insurance person trying to make you sign on the dotted line. It's amazing to see the differences here too! And there's even a car-pricing guide.