The Top Ten Vehicles For Winter Driving

Winter roads can be difficult to navigate. Ice can make surfaces slippery, snow can pile up, and wind can create low visibility. If you’re in the market for a vehicle that will make these conditions easier and safer to handle, there are a few standouts on the market to choose from. Whether you need a large vehicle to carry the whole family, or want something smaller with good fuel economy, these top ten vehicles for winter driving can meet any need.

1. Subaru Outback. Subaru is known for making solid all-wheel drive vehicles, and the Outback may be the most popular model. The roomy hatchback style vehicle makes a good family car, and Subaru’s symmetrical all-wheel drive will keep you firmly on the road even in ice and snow.

2. Nissan Pathfinder. This SUV will handle winter roads when you put it in four-wheel drive, but also offers good fuel economy for its class. It’s roomy and can carry the whole family, and has some available optional winter perks like a heated steering wheel.

3. Jeep Grand Cherokee. The Jeep name has always been associated with handling rough roads, and the Grand Cherokee continues that tradition in a comfortable SUV. High ground clearance allows it to pass over piles of snow, while four-wheel drive keeps the vehicle steady on ice and snow.

4. Toyota Sienna AWD. If you are looking for a minivan that moves a lot of people and cargo but also stays firm on winter roads, the Toyota Sienna is a good bet. It’s the only minivan in its class that can power all four wheels to keep you from sliding on icy patches.

5. Ford Fusion AWD. There are not many sedans on the market that have AWD as an option, which makes the Ford Fusion AWD a top pick for those who prefer the sedan ride but want the all wheel drive option. Visibility is also good in this midsize sedan so you can get a good view of the road ahead.

6. Acura MDX. If you are in the market for a more upscale SUV that still offers all-wheel drive, the Acura MDX is a strong pick. The AWD system handles smoothly, and the cabin offers a long list of features both standard and optional that will allow you to drive through winter in style.

7. Ford F-150 AWD. The Ford F-150 is one of the top selling trucks for good reason. This versatile pickup offers a lot of power, a nicely appointed cabin, and short or long-bed options. It also comes with available all wheel drive for a secure winter driving experience, whether you are hauling firewood or your family.

8. Honda CR-V AWD. The CR-V has a Real Time AWD system that kicks in whenever it is needed to keep the tires secure on the road. This smaller SUV has better fuel economy than some larger models, but plenty of cargo space and an upgraded cabin on newer models.

9. Audi A6 1.0T Quattro. An upscale sedan with a firm grip on the road, the Audi A6 has the manufacturer’s well-regarded Quattro all-wheel drive system as well as a lot of luxury for a safe and attractive winter ride.

10. Subaru Impreza. For those who want a smaller car that still handles winter roads well, the Subaru Impreza is a good choice. With multiple trim levels and a variety of options to choose from, this car can meet most needs. It handles well in all weather, and the Subaru AWD makes it a winter best bet.