Top 4 Admitted Driving Distractions [INFOGRAPHIC]

[UPDATE] See the Game Of Thrones Edition

With winter only a couple of days away many motorists need to take special care on the roads. In a recent national survey conducted by us, 56 per cent of Canadians openly admit to speeding 10km above the speed limit - a dangerous combination when there is snow on the ground.

Other findings from the survey include 49 per cent of drivers openly admit to eating and drinking a beverage while driving. Oh uh! While 13 per cent of people admitted to still texting while driving. What's really surprising though - when going through our mounds of data - is the fact that people with a higher salary seemed to be at higher risk at an accident due to their carelessness. Or perhaps they are just more honest? Either way, with winter fast approaching be sure to take care and drive safe.