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Toronto Police Service Launches 'Back to School' Road Safety Campaign

By InsuranceHotline.com Team
child riding on the road-min.jpg

Back to school is here and kids are commuting across all Toronto roads. We're notifying Toronto drivers that the Toronto Police Service is launching their yearly back to school road safety campaign called 'Back to School - Back to Basics, Remember Road Safety'. Campaign launching today, September 3rd and running for two weeks to keep children safe while commuting to and from school.

Police officers will be paying particular attention to drivers, cyclists and pedestrians who violate the rules of the road in school zones. Distracted driving is especially dangerous around schools, where kids are crossing to get to school.

Drivers, be careful while on the road! Children may not be paying attention; it's your responsibility to keep the roads safe.

For more information, see the official news release from the Toronto Police Service.