Travel Trends to Guide Your Great (Holiday) Escape

Plus top destinations with Canadian travellers

Now that we are smack dab in the middle of winter, it’s time to start thinking about your next great escape because nothing shakes off the winter doldrums better than a break from the daily grind.

Even just planning a vacation can help cast away the winter blues. Whether your vacation takes place next month, in three months or six, there’s no better time than now to warm up to the idea.

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What’s Driving Your Travel Itinerary This Year?

A recent Skyscanner survey found that three quarters (74%) of Canadians plan to travel in 2020 and of those setting their sights on a holiday:

  • 40% intend to take it slow and easy on their next trip. Rest will be prioritized over the harried pace of sightseeing
  • 34% plan to take a micro escape to make the most of what little free time they have
  • 24% will travel off-season or to less popular destinations to avoid crowds
  • Nearly 20% say their appetite for travelling is as big as their love for food and plan their vacations around trying local cuisine
  • Almost 10% will make choices to promote sustainable tourism. An emphasis will be placed on travelling closer to home, choosing sustainable travel products, and visiting areas that are culturally and environmentally responsible
  • 7% plan to take a holiday to improve their outlook on life with a transformative journey that may include activities like yoga, meditation, or charitable work

“Compared to 2019, when the hottest trend was solo travel, we're seeing a shift toward escapism and relaxation in 2020," said Juliano Lopez, Head of Research & Insights at Skyscanner. "Our data shows that Canadians are intrigued by the road less travelled and getting away whenever they can – whether it's for an extended trip or a weekend."

Top Destinations for Canadian Travellers data, meanwhile, maps out where travellers go when they’re looking beyond Canada’s borders or the U.S. for a holiday destination and the countries favoured include:

  1. Cuba
  2. Mexico
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Dominican Republic
  5. Italy
  6. Australia
  7. Jamaica
  8. India
  9. France
  10. Philippines

Ready to Leave Winter Behind?

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