Tricks, Treats, and Safety: Prevent a Halloween Insurance Claim!

kids in halloween costume-min.jpg

With Halloween fast approaching, it’s a good idea to take a moment to think about safety on this fun and kid-friendly holiday.  While Halloween scares can be all in good fun, an accident or injury is not the kind of scare anyone wants to encounter.  Keep your insurance company out of your costumed fun this year by following a few important safety tips that can keep everyone safe and make sure you can have a happy Halloween without worry.

The Kids Come Out at Night.

The trick-or-treaters hit the street every Halloween night in search of tasty sweets and fun.  This means driving on the 31st requires extra caution, especially in residential neighbourhoods where kids are likely to be on the streets.  Drive slowly and keep your eyes open for little ones on the streets and sidewalks.  Remember that they may suddenly decide to cross the street to head to the next house or make unexpected moves.  It is your responsibility as a driver to be aware of them and make sure they can have fun safely!

If you have kids of your own heading out for Halloween, make sure to dress them to be noticed.  Dark costumes fade into the night, so try to choose options with bright colors.  Carrying glow sticks or flashlights is a great way to keep kids visible on the street.  You can also add reflective tape to their costumes to help them stand out, especially when car headlights shine on them.

A Safe House for Halloween.

Decorating your home for Halloween can be a lot of fun, but make certain your decorations are done safely!  If you are plugging in animated or lighted decorations, make sure to use outdoor extension cords and avoid connecting more than the recommended number of cords together.  Make sure all of the wiring is in good condition.  When stretching an extension cord across the porch or yard, ensure it is positioned so no one will trip.

Fog machines are a lot of fun but can reduce visibility.  If you choose to use one, position it so that it does not block the view of cars on the street or people walking up your driveway or sidewalk.  Keep an eye out for other potential dangers that could result in an injury.  Keep your driveway and sidewalk clear so children can walk up without tripping.  Creating a lighted path to your door is a great way to make sure everyone comes and goes safely!

Consider using flameless candles in your jack-o-lantern to avoid the danger of a fire.  They cost only a little more than a tea light candle but will last longer and are much safer to use.  Should someone accidentally knock down your pumpkin, you won’t risk a fire with electric candles!

Halloween is also a time for pranksters and to avoid damage from vandalism consider keeping your yard and driveway well lit.  It may not be quite as spooky, but it will prevent your house from becoming a likely target!  You don’t want to spend November 1st calling in a vandalism claim to your insurance company.

A Safe Halloween Party.

Throwing a Halloween party this year?  There’s nothing more fun than a costumed celebration, but be sure you are careful.  Remember that those fun Halloween cocktails can be dangerous if you have too many.  Be sure to use designated drivers so that no one heads home from your party a danger behind the wheel.

The last thing you want is for your Halloween party to end in tragedy.  Responsible drinking is a must for every party, and will keep both your party guests and everyone else out on the street enjoying a fun Halloween night safe.

Keep an eye out for candles – they can lend a great ambience to your party but are easily knocked over and a fire hazard!  Just like for your jack-o-lantern, consider using electronic candles to get the ambience without the risk of a fire.  They will give a great look, they’re reusable for next year, and they are a lot safer!  In fact, when it comes to larger candles, electronic ones may even be more affordable!

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

With a little caution and preparation, you can avoid some of the most common Halloween pitfalls and dangers that can lead to insurance claims for property damage or for injuries.  Halloween is a holiday that can be enjoyed by young and old alike, and it’s great for adults to get into the spirit!  Just remember that with a lot of little kids out there, adults must be sure to be responsible and safe both on the streets and at home.

Go slow on the streets, make your decorations and your party safe, and be a little extra vigilant.  You’ll help ensure a safe and happy Halloween for everyone!