Beware - Vacationing May Increase Car Insurance Rates

Car insurance companies have plenty reasons for increasing your auto insurance rates. They are consistently searching for tickets and suspensions by performing background checks and investigations. Once your auto insurance company finds a new ticket, be prepared for a sharp increase in your rates. A speeding ticket issued 500 miles from home, in another province or state can cause your insurance rate to increase.

Regardless of jurisdiction, tickets increase your car insurance rate.

There are "reciprocity agreements" between the US and Canada, meaning that some states and provinces share ticket information. These tickets will show up on your driver's abstract and affect your insurance rate, just as though you received the ticket in your own state or province.

One ticket can cause your insurance rate to increase by $500, but some companies don't charge at all for a ticket issued outside of your home state or province. If your insurance has jumped because of an out-of-state ticket, get a second opinion by going online to get a quote. Fortunately, tickets issued outside the US or Canada will not show up on your driving history.

Interestingly, if you get a ticket in a state or province for an act that's legal where you live, it will show up on your driver's abstract and count against your record. Seatbelt laws, and cell phone usage while driving are the most common offences.

Auto insurance quotes between companies can vary by hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Saving money is on everyone's mind. The only way to ensure that you find the companies that offer the best price is to do an online rate search. Some insurance companies such as offer free rate searches for consumers.