We’ve Just Launched our Insurance Myth of the Week Videos

There are many misconceptions about insurance and to dispel these myths, we’ve launched a myth of the week program. Each week, a new video will be released on InsuranceMyths.ca that covers many insurance topics – covering many types of insurance including auto insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, life insurance and motorcycle insurance.

For the month of January, we’re releasing the following myth videos:

  • Weather-Related Car Accidents – this topic is very relevant, as the winter weather is approaching. There is a common misconception that the weather is to blame for car accidents that occur during snowy weather.
  • Home Insurance Coverage – does home insurance cover ‘acts of God’, such as tornadoes and hail storms? It’s important to know what home insurance actually covers.

Knowing the true facts behind insurance is very important; as any false insurance information can cost you money. We all need to stay informed about insurance and understand what is covered on an insurance policy.