Ask Anne Marie: Does Accident Forgiveness Apply to Secondary Drivers?

We frequently feature insurance questions sent to our resident insurance expert, Anne Marie Thomas. This week’s question is about accident forgiveness.

The question comes from Jaman, who asks:

“Does accident forgiveness work for a secondary driver also or just the primary driver?”

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Accident forgiveness is an endorsement many insurers offer, but it is typically only offered to certain drivers as not everyone qualifies for it, explains Anne Marie.

“Accident forgiveness isn’t available to everyone. As a rule-of-thumb, it is available only to drivers who have been collision-free for a minimum of six years. If this criterion is met and you’ve opted to purchase this endorsement, the benefit of having it is traditionally only available to the primary driver listed on the policy. It usually does not extend to occasional or secondary drivers.

“That’s not to say that a secondary driver listed on a policy is excluded from the benefits of accident forgiveness. It will depend on the rules your insurer has in place regarding accident forgiveness, and some insurers may have relaxed their rules over the years to include others listed on the policy as well.”