All About Accident Forgiveness

By Team
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Accidents can happen to anyone - even good drivers with clean records aren't immune. So what can good drivers do to help protect themselves from higher premiums? One option worth considering is to purchase "accident forgiveness."Here's how accident forgiveness works:

  • Essentially, accident forgiveness protects you from rate increases if you get into a car accident - even if you're found to be at fault by your insurance company.
  • Accident forgiveness usually only applies to your first at fault accident. Tip: Remember that insurance companies "forgive" but they don't "forget" - your accident will still go on record.
  • If you cause an accident, know that accident forgiveness does not protect you from being charged if you broke the law, nor does it keep you from gaining demerit points.
  • You can inquire about adding accident forgiveness to your auto policy by consulting with your insurance broker or agent.
  • Check with your insurance agent or broker to see if you're eligible for accident forgiveness - some companies offer this at no cost to good drivers who have been with them for a set period (three consecutive years is typical).

Tip: The cost is typically only $35 to $50 per policy term.

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