Ask Anne Marie: Does the Person Who Is Not At-Fault for a Collision Have to Pay Their Deductible?

Every week we’ll highlight a question sent to our resident insurance expert, Anne Marie Thomas. This week’s question comes from Marie who is asking if a person has to pay the deductible on their coverage if they’re not at-fault for the collision.

Marie asks:

“Does the person who is not at-fault still have to pay their deductible?”

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Fault for a collision will factor into whether or not you have to pay all or a portion of your collision deductible, explains Anne Marie.

“Ontario drivers who are in an accident and are found to be 100% not at-fault for causing it, will not have to pay their deductible to get the resulting damages repaired through their collision coverage,” Anne Marie says.

“However, if you’re found to be partially at-fault, the deductible you pay will mirror your degree of fault. If you’re found to be 50% at-fault, for example, you’ll have to pay half of your selected deductible.”

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