Ask Anne Marie: How Long Do Fines for Driving Without Insurance Stay on Your Abstract?

Every week we’ll highlight the best question sent to our resident insurance expert, Anne Marie Thomas. This week’s question comes from a woman who is wondering about the long-term consequences of having been caught driving without auto insurance.

Tina asks:

“How long do fines for driving without insurance stay on your abstract? And, once it’s off, does that mean insurance companies won’t be able to see it?”

Every province in Canada requires motorists to carry auto insurance and getting caught without it is no small fine. In Ontario, for example, a first offence starts at $5,000 and in Alberta it’s $2,500. The good news is, however, this fine won’t follow you forever, explains Anne Marie.

“A ticket for driving without insurance will stay on your driving record for three years from the date you were convicted. Once your three years are up, if an insurance company in Canada pulls your driving record, they will not see the conviction listed. However, was your licence also suspended at the time? If so, then this also on your record and only clears off of it three years after your driver’s licence was reinstated. If you have concerns about what is listed on your driving record, it might be worthwhile getting a copy of it from your province’s transportation authority.”

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