Ask Anne Marie: I Had a G2 for a While but Now I Have a G1 Again. Do I Need a Fully Licensed Person with Me in the Car When I Drive?

We often spotlight auto insurance questions sent to Anne Marie Thomas, our resident insurance specialist. Whether it’s a question about how to challenge an insurer’s fault determination decision or if a G2 driver is allowed to borrow someone’s car, Anne Marie will help you learn more about how insurance works.

This week’s question is about G1 licence requirements from Patrick, who asks:

“I had my G2 licence before, but I never went for my G licence. I currently have a G1 again, and I own a car. Can I drive it alone with an experienced driver following me in his vehicle?”

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Drivers who hold a G1 driver’s licence face many restrictions, including when, where, and with whom they can drive, explains Anne Marie. And, if you don’t complete the whole graduated licensing process within five years, you have to start over.

“As a G1 licensed driver, you are not allowed to drive alone in a vehicle ever. It doesn’t matter that you’ve previously held a G2 licence or if someone is following you in another vehicle.

“You must have a fully licensed driver in the vehicle with you, sitting in the passenger seat, if you’re going to drive. This person must have at least four years of experience with a full G licence and a blood alcohol limit of less than .05. If your passenger is 21 or under, their blood alcohol level should be zero.

“You’re also required to adhere to all the usual G1 licence requirements. Your experience with a G2 doesn’t matter as you no longer hold that licence. For example, as a G1 driver again, you must have a zero blood alcohol level, you’re not permitted to drive between midnight and 5 a.m., and you’re not allowed to drive on any 400-series highway or high-speed expressway.”

To learn more about what a G1 licensed driver can and cannot do, visit the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

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