Ask Anne Marie: If a G1 Driver Gets into an Accident While Driving Alone Will Insurance Cover the Damages?

Every week we’ll highlight a question sent to our resident insurance expert, Anne Marie Thomas. This week’s question comes from Bushra who is asking if a person’s auto insurance will cover the damages caused by a G1 driver who got into an accident while operating the vehicle alone.

Bushra asks:

“If a G1 driver gets into an accident while driving alone will the car’s owner be eligible to submit an insurance claim?”

This is a tricky situation, explains Anne Marie, because of Ontario’s G1 licence requirements and restrictions.

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“One of the restrictions of Ontario’s graduated licensing program for G1 drivers is that they must not drive unsupervised. At all times they’re supposed to have a person in the front passenger seat who has been driving for a minimum of four years and holds a valid full G licence (or higher),” Anne Marie says.

“Since the car’s owner allowed a G1 licensed person to drive their vehicle without the required accompanying driver, it’s unlikely the insurer would approve the resulting claim for the damages caused by the collision.”

To learn more about what a G1 licensed driver can, and cannot, do visit the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

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