Ask Anne Marie: If I Have a G1 Licence, Can I Buy a Car and Register It in My Name?

Each week, we highlight a question sent to our resident insurance expert, Anne Marie Thomas. This week’s question comes from Junait, who has a G1 licence, and is wondering about buying and registering a vehicle without getting auto insurance.

Junait asks: “If I have a G1 licence, can I buy a car from a dealership, register it in my name, and keep it parked in my garage without insuring it?”

There’s nothing stopping anyone from purchasing a new vehicle. However, driving that vehicle home to park it requires an auto insurance policy. For new drivers who hold a G1 licence, insuring new wheels may be a little tricky. Anne Marie explains: “If you buy a car and wish to drive it home, you will require auto insurance unless you are planning on having the vehicle towed to your residence. Since you only have a G1 licence, you will have to have a fully licenced person to get the vehicle insured listed on the policy as the primary driver of your vehicle. Most insurance companies will not issue a policy to a driver with a learner’s licence.”

Before purchasing a new vehicle or any car insurance policy, take a few minutes to compare policies and premiums to ensure you’re getting the lowest price for the coverage you need.