Ask Anne Marie: If My Car Is Sideswiped While Parked, Who Is at Fault?

Every week we’ll highlight the best question sent to our resident insurance expert, Anne Marie Thomas. This week’s question, about auto insurance and parking accidents, comes from Jenn Marie.

Jenn Marie asks:

“What if u are parked in an alley and there is enough room for another car to get through but they sideswipe you...who is at fault?”

Accidents involving parked cars are very common, explains Anne Marie.

“Collisions involving parked cars are quite common and even though these types of accidents usually involve minimal speed, they can still cause considerable damage,” Anne Marie says. “To answer your question, typically, if your vehicle is parked and is hit by another this would be considered a not at-fault collision in the eyes of your insurer.”

It’s frustrating when another driver causes damages to your vehicle, but there is some good news: if it’s a not at-fault collision your premiums will be unaffected.

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