Ask Anne Marie: My Sister Got in An Accident in My Car. Will the Claim Affect My Insurance or Hers?

Every week we’ll highlight the best question sent to our resident insurance expert, Anne Marie Thomas. This week’s question comes from a brother whose sister damaged his car when she hit the family home’s garage. He’s wondering how it will affect his auto insurance history in future.

Raja asks:

“After recently getting her G2, my sister was listed as the secondary driver on my car insurance. She hit the garage door & it was reported as a single vehicle accident. Will this stay on my (primary driver) insurance history, or hers?”

A single vehicle accident is usually considered an at-fault collision and could follow you for years, explains Anne Marie.

“Since you are the owner of the vehicle and it was your insurance policy that paid out the claim, the accident will remain on your insurance history for six years. There is, however, one option you and your sister could explore. You could potentially have the collision transferred to your sister’s insurance policy, but, this requires your sister to have her own auto insurance. With a vehicle and policy in her own name, she’ll be rated for the collision at which time you might be able to get the collision removed from your policy and premium.”

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