Ask Anne-Marie: What Happens If My Son Drives My Car?

Every week we'll highlight the best question sent to our resident insurance expert, Anne Marie. Thomas. This week's question comes from Jamie, who wants to know how to manage multiple drivers and multiple policies in his home.

"My son is currently insured under my wife's vehicle only can he drive my vehicle with his G2 license?" asks Jamie.

It's a common problem among Canadian households. With multiple vehicles in the house, and new drivers coming on board, exactly who can drive what and still be covered is a source of angst for parents and new drivers alike.

But Anne Marie has good news.

"As long as your son has your permission to drive your vehicle he will be covered under your auto insurance policy." she says.

Generally, when you lend your vehicle to licensed drivers they are covered under your vehicle's policy. You do need to inform the insurance company is another person is regularly driving your car, however. Transparency is always the best plan when dealing with any insurer.

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