Ask Anne Marie: Where Can I Get a Copy of My Car Accident History?

Insurance expert, Anne Marie Thomas, was asked recently about getting a copy of one’s car accident history.

The question comes from Launa, who asks:

“What resources are available to find out my accident history, or where can I get a copy of my accident records?”

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It's a good idea to occasionally review your claims history to make sure there are no errors on your record, as insurance companies consider any claims you have filed when determining your car insurance premium.

Anne Marie responds:

“In Canada, consumers can obtain a copy of any auto accidents that are on their record through what is known as an AutoPlus report. This report provides you with information on any claims made against any auto insurance policies you may have had. 

“The report shows claims whether you were at-fault or not and are provided by CGI. Getting one of these reports is easy to do. Simply complete a request form and send it to CGI.”