Avoid Mobile Device Usage While Driving

A family member is calling you, a friend is texting about dinner plans or a calendar reminder is set on your phone…these are just a few examples of how connected we are through technological devices – which means the distractions are endless. Despite the large amount of publicity and advertising around the consequences of distracted driving, it’s not unusual to still see at least a few drivers every day on their phone. If convicted, you may be hit with a fine, which varies by province and it may also impact your car insurance rate. This rule is not limited to young drivers – but applies to all of us, even though experienced drivers may feel that they are able to handle driving and talking or texting on their cell phones.

Though we should always be mindful of road conditions and focus on driving, it is even more important during the winter season. As winter storms hit and ice starts to form on the road, our ability to react quickly will often be the difference between an accident or not. On a regular basis, use hand-frees devices as opposed to fumbling for the phone. During severe weather like a heavy snowstorm or wet snow, it’s wise to pull over if you need to make a phone call. Always remember that driving safely is not only protecting you, but others as well.

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