Car Accident Q&A: Your Questions Answered with Anne Marie [VIDEO]

taking picture of a car accident-min.jpg

Collisions. Crashes. Wrecks. Pile-ups. Fender benders. Dingers. Roll overs. Sideswipes. Write-offs.

Car accidents come in many different names, shapes and sizes.

There are many unique ways to get into an accident; you may have rear-ended another car in the parking lot, ran into a deer, or maybe drove over a curb into a fence. What is not unique, however, is the confusion that comes along with handling the process thereafter. Here at, we get a lot of detailed questions about what to do after a collision. Watch the video below featuring our resident insurance expert, Anne Marie Thomas, to learn how you should handle these special cases if they ever happen to you.

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Tip: No matter the circumstance, an at-fault collision on your record will likely result in your car insurance premiums increasing. Compare quotes at to see how much you can save today.