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Ontario’s graduated licensing system has three levels, designed to prepare drivers for the road. Understanding the differences and restrictions at each level makes it easier to navigate the graduated system. G1, G2 and the full G licence are the three stages...

Looking to get an online insurance quote without divulging any personal information? You likely won’t have much luck as online insurance quotes are only as accurate as the information provided. The good news is that only the information needed to give you your quotes is requested. No unnecessary questions are asked and it typically takes as little as 5 to 10 minutes on InsuranceHotline.com. Learn more.

Some cars simply can’t handle all four seasons. They’re reserved for days when it’s warm, sunny, and free of the snow, slush, and salt that plague Canada’s roads in the winter. For these cars, it makes perfect sense to store them over the winter. But do you need to keep insurance coverage for your car for the full year if you have a car that’s pampered during the off-season?

After a winter break filled with good memories, soon students will be back in class. It’s also at this time when students, and parents of students, reconsider the transportation needs of getting to class, home, and back again.

Car insurance policies can be confusing, but it's important to fully understand your auto insurance policy and feel comfortable that you have the appropriate and necessary coverage to protect you in the case of an accident or injury. The following article will briefly explain the components of your car insurance policy in Ontario.