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With the first day of school approaching, drivers can expect to encounter young children commuting to school for the first time in almost 3 months. Many drivers can be particularly unprepared for the increased road traffic, crossing guards, bicyclists and pedestrians during the morning and afternoon drive times.

Would you pass the Learner's Permit Test today? Take the InsuranceHotline.com mini quiz to find out. Score a point for every correct answer and check your score against the table at the bottom. These are representative of the types of questions asked on the test given to people applying for a G1 driver's or learner's permit.

Effective July 2nd 2008, all Canadian drivers caught driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol will no longer be able to refuse roadside sobriety tests and will now face tougher penalties including the following.

You've seen them. Those circular intersections that are used instead of stop signs and traffic lights. There are over 1,200 roundabouts in North America today and hundreds more planned. Do you know the benefits of these "roundabouts"?

Introduction Welcome to the July 2008 edition of the InsuranceHotline.com Insider newsletter.In this issue, learn about how to avoid becoming a victim of Auto Insurance Scams, find...

It's a beautiful Saturday morning and you decide to take your car out for a spin. But when you open your front door, you discover your vehicle has been stolen right from your own driveway. Immediately you ask yourself "out of all the cars in the world, why steal mine?"

There is no specific age when a person is legally required to stop driving. It's important to understand getting older doesn't necessarily turn people into bad drivers. Drivers between the ages of 55 and 70 have the lowest rate of collisions of any group in Canada as presented at the Aging Driver Mobility Forum in Toronto. However, once over the age of 75, the collision rate is similar to that of young beginner drivers.

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