Cheeky IBC Video Calls for Changes to Outdated Insurance Laws

Are you way past ready for insurance documentation to catch up with the times?

The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) says you shouldn't have to wade through piles of paperwork, make repeated visits to an agent’s office, or wait on the post for proof of insurance. Canadians want simplicity, speed, and spot-on accuracy when it comes to handling their insurance needs. You deserve options like the ability to complete an insurance application online, customize a policy to fit your needs, and receive instant proof that you’re insured.

The “pink slip method” Canadians have to use to prove their insurance coverage is just one of the antiquated rules that need to go. This clever video lays it all out, with clear contrasts between how the insurance process still operates - in comparison to other aspects of everyday life which have long since moved into the current age!

Don’t you agree that it’s time for an upgraded insurance experience?

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