From A to Z: COVID-19 Auto Insurance Rebate or Reduced Premium Calculator

The lowdown on auto insurance rebate measures during the COVID-19 lockdown.

From Allstate Canada to Zenith Insurance, insurance companies across Canada have approached the COVID-19 insurance relief measures differently. While some insurers have cut auto insurance rates, others are providing insurance rebates, and virtually all of them are offering their policyholders flexible payment options, including deferrals.

What’s your auto and home insurance provider doing? How do they compare to what other insurers are offering their customers? With the free COVID-19 Rebate and Reduced Premium Calculator you’ll be able to see what your relief and rebate options are at a time when saving every dollar counts.

Home and Auto Insurance Renewals During the COVID-19 Era

You can save even more than a few dollars if your policy is coming up for renewal in the coming months. All you need to do is shop around for the best available rate because, whether it’s home insurance or auto insurance, insurers are still open for your business.

It may be a good time to lock in a new auto insurance rate as some insurers have cancelled previously planned rate increases. These are rate increases that were requested pre-COVID lockdown and the provincial regulators, at the time, felt were reasonable and approved. It’s incredible how things have changed over the last few months.

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